Browser Summary  

The Browser Summary identifies the most popular web browsers used to visit this site.
Browsers are broken down by recognized categories such as Netscape Navigator/Communicator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, WebTV, Opera and the like. Within each category is also a subgroup by version number such as 'MSIE 5.0' or 'Netscape 4.5'.

This report shows the first 15 results by number of requests. This report is sorted by number of requests.

Browser Summary: Number of requests by Browser Type.

Browser TypeNumber of requestsNumber of bytes transferredNumber of page requests
1.Safari263,4614.665 GB244,994
    Safari/537250,0884.199 GB237,801
    Safari/6024,576112.085 MB2,716
    Safari/95374,263165.973 MB1,500
    Safari/6001,59996.994 MB1,006
    Safari/60384551.099 MB584
    Safari/60456318.771 MB222
    Safari/5385619.127 MB545
    Safari/6014027.828 MB186
    Safari/5341942.625 MB135
    Safari/5351907.033 MB163
    Safari/536844.568 MB79
    Safari/653340190.889 KB14
    Safari/53319209.734 KB15
    Safari/85369136.380 KB7
    Safari/5327128.082 KB7
    Safari/531470.131 KB4
    Safari/75343271.800 KB2
    Safari/530235.690 KB2
    Safari/1260222.738 KB0
    Safari/419227.652 KB2
2.Netscape (compatible)97,4692.294 GB70,235
3.Firefox95,0181.637 GB91,618
    Firefox/4320,213352.471 MB20,196
    Firefox/5219,498311.769 MB19,341
    Firefox/5316,873271.950 MB16,652
    Firefox/4413,991246.011 MB13,990
    Firefox/505,68390.189 MB5,525
    Firefox/452,66040.627 MB2,605
    Firefox/472,64242.291 MB2,597
    Firefox/412,61341.807 MB2,609
    Firefox/512,61146.806 MB2,536
    Firefox/32,017135.502 MB1,818
    Firefox/61,4601.983 MB6
    Firefox/321,15414.648 MB1,070
    Firefox/401,08018.072 MB1,078
    Firefox/544398.773 MB128
    Firefox/552615.042 MB94
    Firefox/24143945.182 KB87
    Firefox/5614010.830 MB37
    Firefox/171351.930 MB135
    Firefox/161161.879 MB116
    Firefox/571016.396 MB28
4.MSIE65,522548.714 MB64,759
    MSIE/647,593363.116 MB47,470
    MSIE/95,93393.506 MB5,692
    MSIE/55,38035.407 MB5,380
    MSIE/73,43830.520 MB3,386
    MSIE/29416.137 MB941
    MSIE/108817.239 MB596
    MSIE/44832.965 MB483
    MSIE/34502.957 MB450
    MSIE/84036.635 MB344
    MSIE/11627.433 KB3
5.Netscape53,58427.635 MB53,584
    Netscape/452,07817.262 MB52,078
    Netscape/01,0306.724 MB1,030
    Netscape/34683.467 MB468
    Netscape/7140.194 KB1
6.Opera12,60587.566 MB12,597
    Opera/94,66234.220 MB4,655
    Opera/83,80427.007 MB3,803
    Opera/73,26120.270 MB3,261
    Opera/68776.057 MB877
    Opera/12112.105 KB1
7.Mozilla6,738134.431 MB2,130
    Mozilla/110123.431 KB10
    Mozilla/2120.991 KB1
8.CCBot1,60385.422 MB1,061
    CCBot/21,60385.422 MB1,061
9.Barkrowler experimental crawler - 0.4.798211.733 MB917
10.Barkrowler96512.783 MB898
    Barkrowler/096512.783 MB898
11.panscient.com6463.284 MB322
12.ltx71 - (http:5231.621 MB102
    ltx71 - (http://ltx715231.621 MB102
13.GarlikCrawler35345.443 MB199
    GarlikCrawler/135345.443 MB199
14.Apache-HttpClient3393.772 MB186
    Apache-HttpClient/43363.492 MB186
    Apache-HttpClient/UNAVAILABLE3286.150 KB0
15.Googlebot-Image300463.064 KB7
    Googlebot-Image/1300463.064 KB7
 [not listed: 87]3,012147.340 MB2,027

This report was generated on July 30, 2018 12:12.
Report time frame December 31, 2016 19:10 to December 31, 2017 18:58.

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